In 2002, after completing a bachelors in music, Pablo Sebastian made the cross country trip from the Indiana University School Of Music in Bloomington, IN to Los Angeles. The goal was to advance his musical aspirations and pursue a career in song-writing and composing.

He settled in Hollywood, CA, from Aug 2002 to Oct 2011, building his career as a song-writer, performer and composer.  He put together the band Malbec, and began gaining attention in the Los Angeles music scene. In 2007, Malbec secured a publishing deal with Songs Music Publishing. This relationship, which still remains active, garnered many sync placements in tv and film (Chuck, My Best Friend's Girl, The Omen, and more).

While working with the band, Pablo took and active interest in commercial composition, production and recording, after booking an Addy Award winning commercial for Fruit of the Loom. This parlayed into multiple commercial and web composition jobs, for companies as notable as Starbucks, Westin Hotels, Levi's, New Balance, and Ford.

In 2010, Pablo decided to go solo. His first release (a 3 song EP) hailed much success, garnering placements in various shows including Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, ABC's Make it or Break it, and Switched At Birth.
At this point, finding himself disenchanted with typical production techniques, he began experimenting with different ways to create and perform his electronic-influenced music in a more freeing, organic way. It was then, that he discovered the occult instrument know as the Monome.  His first full-length solo album ("Cast The Sun into The Sea", which he wrote, produced and recorded) was composed incorporating this enigmatic "open sound control" instrument (NOTE: this same instrument was featured in the MOMA in NYC  due to its innovation and ingenious design).  

"Cast The Sun Into The Sea" was completed upon relocating to Chicago in the fall of 2011. Subsequently, in the winter of that year, he went on a 3 month sabbatical to Argentina (the home country of his parents), to hone in on his live show, whist reflecting and evaluating the resounding conundrum of the world's most resonating question: Why are we here? His search resulted in an Alchemistic outcome, one of which culminated in his current residence, back in his hometown of Detroit.

Pablo currently performs under the band name "The Salt & the Sea" and is actively composing for film, tv, and web. He also remains an active member of the Songs Music Publishing roster.