The Salt & the Sea is an eclectic pop band that melds elements of post-rock, folktronic, and rock music with modern-pop sensibilities. While song-crafting, Songwriter/Producer Pablo Sebastian challenges himself to find new writing/production perspectives that are still applicable in the pop realm. The result is a sound that is set in dream-like landscapes, exploring the farther reaches of allegory and universal emotion. Through thought-provoking lyrics and the use of occult technology, Sebastian spins pop songs into something a little more off-center.

Previously a member of the Los Angeles-based band Malbec (members of Foster The People / BEGINNERS), Sebastian took a brief musical sabbatical and set out for adventure, unknowingly collecting the thematic material that would become the focus of his next project. The Salt & the Sea was the culmination of a three year journey that led Sebastian through the North American Midwest, Argentina, and ultimately found him married.

Now based out of Chicago, The Salt & the Sea is currently putting the finishing touches on a highly anticipated second release, an EP entitled 'Things We See In Dreams.' The Salt & the Sea has also been cutting its teeth in the Midwest and East Coast's vibrant live scene, making appearances at various concert venues, festivals and special events.

Sebastian’s previous releases have also been well received by the TV/Film industry resulting in numerous synch placements for Grey's AnatomyVampires DiariesGossip Girls, and Make It or Break It, to name a few.